How It Works



First we will start off with a conversation about your school, your needs, and your goals.

Next, we will work together to determine what the best combination of equipment and training is for your school or program based on the comfort level of your staff and the needs of your students.

You will select the kits and training that work for you and place your order.



Within days you will receive your first shipment.  It will arrive with everything you need to get started exploring and learning with your students. There is no need to hunt for batteries, find the software, or track down missing pieces. We will follow up with a phone call to ensure that you are confident and ready to get started.



Your students will use the STEM kits and expand their knowledge while you rest easy knowing that you can return everything when you are done and order the next amazing kit with no need to clean, replace, or store the kits you are no longer using. Of course, if you fall in love with your STEM kit, you can contact us to make arrangements to keep it.